BRAC Bank Earnings Disclosure Q3 2018


BRAC Bank Mobile
Internet Banking
24 Hour Call Center
SMS Banking
Mobile Top-up (New!)
iWallet service discontinued
Important Security Message
- Phishing Alert
Internet Banking User Manual
New Features
- Easier Login
- e-statement
- Beneficiary Add
- Credit Card Bills
- Beneficiary from past transaction.
- RFCD Account Statement
- Oxford International School
  Online Payment
- Sylhet City Corporation
- Online Railway Ticket
What is 2FA( Two Facto Authentication) ?
2FA Device is a Two Factor Authentication device, which generates a random OTP (One Time Password) that acts as a second level of authentication. After registering for BRAC Bank Internet Banking, customer will require the 2FA Device whenever customers login to their Internet Banking accounts for secured and

Successful transactions. In these particular and other associated documents we are referring 2FA Device as
"Hardware Token" or "Software Token".2FA is an advanced method of security which requires:
  • Information that one knows (Your PIN & User ID)
  • One Time Password (OTP) from the bank (that is the randomly generated by 2FA Device)
Now, access your BRAC Bank account 24/7 from your PC, laptop, handheld device or cell phone for
Please use update version of browser
Use POP UP Blockers
Use a secured website while submitting any sensitive financial information
Log off as soon as you finish online banking
Regularly change password and PIN
Regularly check your Bank, Credit Card and Debit Card Statement, Report if suspicious transactions are found
Call you Financial Institutes if you receive any e-mail that request you to enter any security information
Use 2FA(Two Factor Authentication) device
Be suspicious of any of these sorts of e-mail and message
Take a close look at the hyperlink you are clicking
Do not share your User name and Password with anyone
Do not leave logging on your online banking facility
Do not enter any security information over the Internet
Do not save username and password in the browser
Do not use the links sent via e-mails and messages to get to any web site
Avoid using cyber cafes and other public places for logging on to banking system. If you must then be careful of surroundings, do not store or save username and password in the browser and log out properly
For any banking needs please call 24 Hour Call Center 16221 or e-mail us at [email protected]
We will soon be in touch with you
16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
Complaint Cell
Head Office
Anik Tower
220/B Gulshan - Tejgaon Link Road,
Tejgaon i/A, Dhaka 1208
Risk Based Capital (Basel III)
Warning Against Illegal Forex Trading/ Dealing
Green banking