Phishing Alert
What is it?
Phishing is the process of collecting User Name / Account Number / Account Details / Credit Card No / Expiry Date / Pin / Password and other sensitive financial information over the Internet with malicious intent. Fraudsters tries to disguise themselves as genuine company and sends e-mail, Pop Ups, Instant message to clients of financial service providers. They request clients to provide them with various crucial account information promising a better service, free gifts or promotional activities. As soon as information entered in these link web sites they are stored and used for fraudulent purpose by the hackers.
Now, access your BRAC Bank account 24/7 from your PC, laptop, handheld device or cell phone for
Use anti phishing browser, i.e. Internet Explorer 7, Netscape 8.1, Firefox 2
Use POP UP Blockers
Use a secured website while submitting any sensitive financial information
Log off as soon as you finish online banking
Regularly change password and PIN
Regularly check your Bank, Credit Card and Debit Card Statement, Report if suspicious transactions are found
Call you Financial Institutes if you receive any e-mail that request you to enter any security information
Check Digital Signature
Be suspicious of any of these sorts of e-mail and message
Take a close look at the hyperlink you are clicking
Do not share your PIN and Password with anyone
Do not leave logging on your online banking facility
Do not enter any security information over the Internet
Do not save username and password in the browser
Do not use the links sent via e-mails and messages to get to any web site
Avoid using cyber cafes and other public places for logging on to banking system. If you must then be careful of surroundings, do not store or save username and password in the browser and log out properly