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BRAC Bank CSR Activities: Giving Back To The Society
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is embedded in the value system of BRAC Bank Limited. For BRAC Bank, being committed to CSR means giving statement that the bank is ethically committed towards the society of this country in which it operates.

BRAC Bank's corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Bangladesh are in line with its 3P (People, Planet, Profit) philosophy which are framed by the vision that was instilled by its Founder Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG, who founded this bank with a vision of financial inclusion of the unbanked grassroots people.

The establishment of BRAC Bank's CSR strategy is a crucial component that reflects the intention for the sustainable development of our society and our stakeholders which means having policies and procedures in place that integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights or consumer concerns into business operations and core strategy – all in close collaboration with stakeholders. For BRAC Bank, the overall aim for CSR activities is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole, while maximizing the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

Bangladesh Bank CSR Guideline is the guiding principal in designing our CSR roadmap. BRAC Bank prioritizes on long-term programs rather than the short-term ones that have sustainable and lasting impact on the people and society of the country.

At BRAC Bank, employees work with a greater mission. They are motivated to contribute to the bank's social initiatives like annual fundraiser marathon, warm clothes distribution and blood donation. Employees' passionate involvement in CSR adds new dimensions to the bank's CSR portfolio.
Social Impact Matrix of CSR

Students realize dreams to pursue study

Students inspired for science education

Students get opportunity for technical education

Students pursue higher education at Dhaka University

Cardiac patients get medical support

Thalassaemia patients get medical support

Cold-hit people receive clothes for warmer nights

Girls get cycle for school going

Lost girls find new hope

Employees raise fund for humanity

Writers honored
"BRAC Bank is blessed with inspirations from our Founder Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed on serving the people. Following his visionary path, we nurture passion for social welfare through CSR and business as well. With focus on long term programs, we believe we will make positive change in society."

Selim R. F. Hussain
Managing Director & CEO
Here is a short description of our key CSR programs -
Realizing Potential: BRAC Bank- Prothom Alo Trust Adamya Medhabi Scholarship
'BRAC Bank-Prothom Alo Trust Adamya Medhabi Scholarship' was introduced in 2010 to assist meritorious student of insolvent families fulfill their pursuit of higher education. Now a big number of financially challenged students, especially in the rural parts of the country do not face dropout. BRAC Bank stands by with the students in their entire academic life. With the scholarship, many students are now studying in engineering universities, medical colleges and other reputed institutions. A total of 500 students have so far availed the scholarship.

Each year 50 meritorious students from the disadvantaged families who achieve GPA 5 in SSC level get the scholarship for HSC study. Among them, the students who also repeat GPA 5 in HSC level, get scholarships for graduation. In line with the 3P Philosophy, BRAC Bank always works towards realizing the potential of young people. BRAC Bank is proud to be part of an initiative that helps students live a prosperous life.
BRAC Bank provides scholarships to the meritorious students of Business Studies of Dhaka University
BRAC Bank Limited has provided scholarships to the meritorious students of Business Studies Faculty of Dhaka University. The bank as part of its corporate social responsibility is providing scholarships to 40 students at the faculty. University of Dhaka is the oldest and highest learning seat of the country. Since its inception the University has a distinct character of having distinguished scholars as faculties who have enriched the global pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching and research and producing the brightest students of the country. As a public institution, the university provides higher education to the students at affordable cost. Still there are financially challenged students who find it difficult to pursue their education at the university. The program helps realize potential of the students and it goes in line with our corporate vision to build an enlightened Bangladesh. The scholarship will make positive and sustainable impact on the people and society in the long term.
Realizing Higher Education Dream: BRAC University Scholarships
BRAC Bank is providing financial support to the meritorious but financially challenged students to help them pursue higher education at the university. Each year, 10 undergrad students avail this scholarship that covers full tuition fee and living expenses. The scholarship program will continue for four years. The scholarship helps realize the dream for higher education of the students.
Making technical education affordable: UCEP Institute of Science and Technology
BRAC Bank Limited has partnered to support UCEP Institute of Science and Technology (UIST) that provides technical education at affordable cost.

The contribution will be used to establish an E-Library for the students of the polytechnic institute at Mirpur, Dhaka. UIST Dhaka is the first polytechnic institute of UCEP Bangladesh to provide quality higher technical education to the youth of the country. Started in 2015, UIST currently provides diploma degree in Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Technology.

As a values based bank, BRAC Bank invests in CSR programs that have lasting and long term impact on people and society.
Inspiring the youth for research and study in science: Biochemistry Olympiad
As a part its commitment to enlighten the society, BRAC Bank Limited, in partnership with Dhaka University, has been organizing Biochemistry Olympiad since 2009. The Biochemistry Olympiad inspire the young generation to pursue higher studies in science. More than 1,000 SSC/O level and HSC/A level students from all over the country participate in the biggest festival of bioscience in the country that is held every year at Curzon Hall premises. The Olympiad is an initiative for popularizing higher science education and research among the young generation. Biochemistry Olympiad will definitely inspire the young generation to pursue higher studies in science and that is instrumental for national progress. BRAC Bank puts unshakable trust on the dreams and aspirations of the young generation and helps them realize their potential.
Social Welfare
Lifetime Support to Bir Protik Taramon Bibi:
She fought on the grounds fearlessly during our 1971 liberation war. She made great contribution in war for the independence of the country which we proudly call home. She is one of the two women to have been accorded the ‘Bir Protik' medal as a recognition of her bravery in the liberation war of Bangladesh. Then the management of BRAC Bank decided to provide lifetime financial support to the valiant freedom fighter who unfortunately met with economic hardship in the recent times. As a socially responsible organization, BRAC Bank believes that it is the least that it could for the only living “Bir Protik” woman in Bangladesh.
Taking warmth to the cold affected people: Contribution of Blankets to Prime Minister's Relief Fund:
Every year BRAC Bank Limited stands beside the less advantaged people of the society during the winter season. BRAC Bank donated 50,000 pieces of blanket to the Prime Minister's Relief & Welfare Fund this year.
Bicycle for school girls
BRAC Bank distributed bicycles among the female students of two schools in Nilphamari as part its corporate social responsibility. The cycles were given to ten female students of Nilphamari Govt. Girls' High School and Samir Uddin School & College of the district. The cycle recipients are meritorious students who used to walk at least 5 kilometers to school every day. So for them, going to school will now become easier than before.
BRAC Bank TARA stands beside the little stars of Chittagong
BRAC Bank's women forum TARA members made a financial contribution to Upalabdhi Foundation, which runs an institute for shelter and education for the lost girls in Chittagong. The amount was raised from a fund raising ‘Bake n Sale' program by Tara members at BRAC Bank Head Office on the occasion of International Women's Day. The initiative carried care and love of all Tara members who believe the little donation will facilitate the welfare of the less advantaged children.
Initiative for safe drinking water for the people of former enclave
BRAC Bank Limited has embarked on an initiative to provide safe drinking water for the people of the former enclaves in the border areas.

BRAC Bank has installed five tube wells in Dasaichara, Fulbari in Kurigram. BRAC Bank will also provide agriculture loan facilities to the former enclave dwellers there.

BRAC Bank has responded to the call of Bangladesh Bank for ensuring overall welfare of the people of the former enclaves by providing financial services to the unbanked people and bringing them into the banking system.
Art & Culture
Enriching Bangla literature: BRAC Bank-Samakal Shahitya Puroshkar:
BRAC Bank-Samakal Shahitya Puroshkar was launched in 2011 to inspire the writers’ community for their creative works and to enrich Bangla literature. The literary award program has already generated interest and enthusiasm among the writers’ and readers’ communities. The award has emerged as a prestigious literary recognition in the cultural circle of the country. The award categories are: “Poetry and novel”, “Essay, autobiography, travel story and translation” and Young Writer’s Award. Young Writer’s Award is dedicated in the memory of late novelist Humayun Ahmed. As a Bangladeshi Bank, BRAC Bank always comes forward in promoting art, culture and Bangla literature. BRAC Bank and Samakal will work hand in hand to make this award the most prestigious and coveted literary award in Bangladesh in the upcoming years.
Reliving the history: Contribution to Asiatic Society of Bangladesh for Publishing History Book
The Bank contributed to Asiatic Society of Bangladesh to publish a comprehensive history book titled 'History of Bangladesh: Ancient and Medieval'. The book will be an authentic historical documentation and reference book for the period of Bangladesh before 1704.
Instilling Nazrul works among the youth: The First Ever Nazrul Mela
BRAC Bank partnered with Nazrul Sangeet Shilpi Parishad to organize the first ever "BRAC Bank Nazrul Mela 2016". The Mela took place at Bangla Academy & was open for all. This was the largest congregation of Nazrul Sangeet singers, performers and scholars in Bangladesh. The purpose of the program was to pay a tribute to the Nazrul Singers as well as the culture they belong to. The Mela was aimed at instilling Nazrul works among the young generation and increase the practice of Nazrul literary works.
Support to National Heart Foundation Hospital, Sylhet
The Bank extended support to National Heart Foundation Hospital in Sylhet, the first fully fledged specialized cardiac hospital in the Sylhet Region. The 100-bed hospital provides affordable cardiac healthcare services to the people of the region. The assistance will be facilitating to buy and install the most modern cardiac treatment and rehabilitation facilities. The assistance bears testimony to the bank's firm commitment to give back to the society it works in by standing for the cause of humanity.
Support to Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity & Hospital
BRAC Bank has made a financial assistance to Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity & Hospital that works for the treatment of the thalassaemia patients and also creating awareness about the prevention of the disease. This hospital is the shelter for the poor thalassaemia patients who cannot afford quality treatment due to the high cost involved to the treatment. Thalassemia Hospital arranges these treatment facilities at subsidized costs for the poor patients. Daily, a minimum of 30 children take blood transfusion facility from this hospital. Patients come from all around Bangladesh just for the treatment and guidance. BRAC Bank’s help will support them to provide better care to the patients.
Solarizing SME Unit Offices
BRAC Bank continues to expand its solar power capacity as it has brought new SME Offices under the renewable energy as part of its commitment to environment. The bank has completed installation of solar panels in 149 SME Unit Offices as of in 2013. The bank is committed to bring all 400 SME Unit Offices under solar energy.
Employee Initiatives in CSR
Marathon for Humanity: DOUR
Employees of BRAC Bank run marathon every year to raise fund for supporting human cause. The raised fund is donated to a charity. This is the first such marathon initiative by a bank in the country and is unique in serving the community. BRAC Bank has been organizing the marathon since 2011. In 2016, the employees of BRAC Bank and its subsidiaries again took part for the 6th time in "BRAC Bank DOUR– Marathon for Humanity”. On the occasion, the employees raised a fund of Tk. 10 lac, and the company doubled it to Tk. 20 lac from its CSR fund. BRAC Bank donated Tk. 10 lac to Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity & Hospital that works for the treatment of the thalassaemia patients and also creating awareness about prevention of the disease.
Taking warmth to the needy people during winter:
BRAC Bank distributed blankets among the cold affected people in the four districts of the country. Senior officials of the bank in assistance with the local administration distributed 15,000 blankets in five places of Nilphamari, Kurigram, Khulna and Barguna. The blankets benefited the less advantaged people as it was distributed at the very beginning during the winter season. The initiative carries the warmth of more than 7,000 employees who raised funds to donate blankets for the less advantaged people of our country.
Sector-wise presence:
BRAC Bank focuses on education, health, social welfare, environment, art & culture and young leadership. Here's a glimpse of our activities:
BRAC Bank has launched a CSR Desk with a dedicated team assigned for the desk.

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