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1. What credit and debit cards can I use?
You can use any Visa, MasterCard Credit or Debit Card of any bank. (Local and International)
2. Is it really safe to send my credit/debit card/payment information over the internet?
Yes, it's completely safe. All payment gateway/internet banking are integrated with industry practice security and strictly maintained.
3. Which currency do you support right now?
The payable amount to OIS is stated in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) on the invoice. You will be able to use any Visa & Mastercard issued in any currency . You will still be able to complete the transaction. However your card issuer bank may charge you an additional currency conversion fee during the transaction (Rate may vary depending on Visa / Mastercard Exchange Rate at that time)
4. Is there any extra charge for online payment?
For payments using VISA / Martercard credit or debit cards, an additional 2% Convenience Fee will be charged on top of your invoice amount. Ex: Invoice amount BDT 1,000 + 2% Bank fee = BDT 1,020 total payable amount.
5. If I sign up for the portal, will I continue to receive my invoices by email when invoices are issued.
Yes, you will receive a copy of invoice every time an invoice is generated.
6. Can I use more than one method of payment for one transaction?
No. You may only use one mode of payment or one card for one transaction. The invoice cannot be split among partial modes of payment.
7. What information do I need to make a payment?
You will need a valid invoice and a valid credit/debit card.
8. How can I confirm that a payment has been made?
After successfully completing the payment you will received an email notification with your payment details from OIS and an acknowledgement from your card
9. How long does it take my online/offline payment to go through?
We process all payments in less than a minute.
10. I forgot my password. What do I do?
You will see a password reset link at login page. Please follow the instructions after you click 'Reset Password'.
11. How do I find my account login details?
You have to contact with OIS Customer Care Office at Main Campus or admission office at other campuses.
12. I'm having trouble signing into my account.
Please contact with OIS Customer Care Office between 8 am to 5 pm at any business day or email with your Student or Parent ID detail at [email protected]
13. Can I make a partial payment or pay more than the total amount due, as an advance?
No. you cannot do so from the web portal by yourself, but if you contact with OIS Accounts Office, they can process this directly. After Accounts Office has confirmed your new
Invoice amount, you will be able to complete payment.
14. Who else has access to my account?
No one but you will have access to your account, unless you choose to share your login information with someone.
15. What browsers support the web portal account?
We support all kinds of modern web browser. You will see a notification at login if the web browser is not supported.
For any banking needs please call 24 Hour Call Center 16221 or email us at [email protected]
16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
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