TARA Flexi DPS is a monthly savings scheme with a tenor of 1 to 3 years with any monthly amount starting from BDT 500 only. It is rewarding and simple to maintain and is designed for people who wish to build up on their savings. This account grows over days and is free from any monthly management fees!

TARA Flexi Deposit Premium Scheme It is a monthly savings scheme especially designed for women customers.

Guest segment

Woman Banking Customers

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Mini mum opening amount

BDT 500 or multiples of BDT 500

Maximum amount

No upper ceiling

Mode of Operation

Singly/Jointly/Either or Survivor


18 years and above

Guest segment


Foreign Nationals (i.e. Country of Origin is not Bangladesh)

Link account

A savings or current account is required to open the TARA Flexi DPS.


Bangladeshi Taka

Interest feature

Interest will be higher than that of Regular Flexi DPS

Relationship Fee

  • Nill

Available Tenors

1/2/3 years only. (short tenors for customer’s convenience)

Secured Loan facility

After the monthly installments are regularly paid for 2 years (and the facility size not less than BDT 50,000), the account holder is eligible to apply for overdraft/term loan against the deposited amount upon fulfillment of the terms and conditions applicable for Retail Cash Secured facility of the Bank

Fast Track Services

  • Internet Banking
  • Call Center
  • SMS Banking
  • e-Statment
  • ATM facility
Available Tenures (years) 1/ 2/ 3
Minimum amount 500 and its multiples
Maximum amount No upper ceiling
Rate of Interest
  Tenor                TARA Flexi DPS      
  1 Year         4.00%
  2 Year   5.00%
  3 Year   6.00%
Penal Charge Penal charges will be calculated at a rate of 10% of each late / missed installment(s) amount.