TARA Uddokta

TARA Uddokta is an interest generating current account specially designed for Women Entrepreneurs. Along with reduced fees and charges, this business account offers a high interest rate, exclusive cash back offers and special pricing on insurance product.


Any kind of Bangladeshi organization (such as sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company, educational institution, NGO/ Project, Co-operative society and so-forth) with at least 51% ownership belonging to female.

Specialty of TARA Uddokta Account:

  • Account opening with only BDT 1,000
  • Highest interest generating current account in the market
  • Special Merchant Service Rate on POS machine
  • Zero intercity charge
  • Free issuance of debit card
  • Health insurance package with exclusive pricing
  • Cash back of up to BDT 500 on first purchase with debit card
  • Welcome vouchers from lifestyle brands with debit card
  • Assistance with legal document preparation and renewal
  • Training and knowledge sharing programs
  • Brand and product promotion through networking events

Fees & Charges: 

Annual Tara VISA debit card fee (Only sole proprietorship concerns can avail)

Half yearly account maintenance fee BDT 300(+VAT)
First cheque book (25 pages) Up to BDT 250(+VAT)  
Second cheque book onwards charges From second month, 25 page free cheque book provided in case last month average balance is BDT 50,000 or more.
  Only one free cheque book can be availed per month.
  Charge applicable on 50 and 100 pages cheque book even if average balance is maintained
From second cheque book (maximum 100 pages), BDT 10(+ VAT) per leaf will be charged if last month’s average balance is below BDT 50,000 ie. BDT 250(+VAT) for 25 pages cheque book, BDT 500(+VAT) for 50 pages cheque book  and BDT 1,000(+VAT) for 100 pages cheque book
SMS Banking BDT 300(+VAT)
Online transaction (Inter City)
Online transaction (Inter City) Withdrawal Free
No debit card issuance fee
Up to BDT 500(+ VAT) from second year
Debit card replacement charge BDT 500(+VAT)
  No replacement fee when TARA business debit card is issued in replacement of existing BBL debit card