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BRAC Bank Limited
As one of the fastest growing and modern banks of Bangladesh, BRAC Bank Limited is playing a vital role as financial intermediaries linking economic policies of the government with rest of the economy. The bank is constantly serving people and the economy of the country by raising aggregate demand, production and thus creating wealth for the economy. To maintain the resilience in doing growth oriented profitable and socially responsible business in the fiercely competitive banking industry of Bangladesh, Human Resources Division of BRAC Bank Limited work closely with the management committee for strategic advancement.
Being a Bangladeshi bank and serving the banking needs of Bangladeshi people, Human Resources Division of BRAC Bank Limited maintain an adaptive human resources management strategy and the division comprises of Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Learning and Development, Human Capital Department and HR Administration Departments with a team of dynamic HR Relationship Managers who bridge HR support with the business need.
People Management at BRAC Bank Limited
The “People” has been the key success factor that BRAC Bank has achieved in a short span of time. Thus Management of the Bank emphatically values to hire, engage and retain talented employees. Human Resources Strategy of the Bank constantly strives and renews its commitment to meet the career aspiration and priorities of the employees. Bank views the employees as most valuable capital of the organization and is endowed with unique qualities and if thoughtfully and inspiringly led the workforce can bring superior result with creativity. In line with the growth aspiration of the Bank, the management of the Bank carefully identifies potential future leaders amongst its employees and takes extra ordinary effort to build them.
There are many reasons why BRAC Bank Limited is transpiring as employer of choice in the job market. As a modern and fast growing Bank, hardworking and talented employees with right set of intellect enjoys accelerated carrier progression in BRAC Bank Limited. Besides numerous noteworthy CSR activities of the Bank, a significant portion of earning of the bank is routed through the ownership structure of the Bank for building just enlightened poverty free Bangladesh – the vision the founder Chairman and Chairperson of BRAC Sir Fazle Hasan Abed dearly and closely follow through. The management of the Bank fosters a fair, enabling value based, ethical working atmosphere. Employees of the Bank enjoy being a part of the future success and expansion.
Employer of the choice
The bank has been successful in recruiting quality people and retaining talents from the day of the inception. The Bank actively pursues hiring the “best fit” according to business need and respecting organizational values through proper human resource planning, using effective assessment methodology, ensuring efficient process and establishing & maintaining a strong employer brand.
BRAC Bank Limited continually keeps pace with the modern banking concepts and innovations, by renewing the knowledge and skills of its employees systematically. The bank fully recognizes that intellectual capital is the key resource of present time and if knowledge is really taking hold the place of other capital components of doing business the bank needs to logically give this resource the standing it demands. Employee training and education are the most reliable tools the bank uses to keep an edge over the competition as it is directly linked to its bottom line because talented employees are the key business differentiator. Accordingly, the learning and development of employees is given immense importance in BRAC Bank Limited.
The Bank firmly believes that if employees are recognized for their contribution in a sincere and meaningful manner that alone can inspire more of the praiseworthy actions and thinking, resulting accelerated contribution by the employees for greater success of the organization. Accordingly the Bank maintains well-designed reward & recognition scheme for the employees of the bank to acknowledge both small contributions as well as the larger ones. The tailor made concept is named as “Town Hall Meeting” – an open forum where all-employees get the opportunity to meet with top management. The meet is chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors along with the entire management committee of the bank. During this all-employee meeting nominated champions of the Bank is awarded for performance excellence and organizational competency. In the meeting the management of the bank announces business results and provides futuristic directives to the employees. Attendee employees are also given the chance to ask questions or provide feedback directly to the top management. The reward & recognition scheme also houses other recognition such as Chairman’s Excellence Award, Organizational Competence Award, Departmental Contribution Award; Individual Contribution Award; Bright Idea Program; 5 Years Completion Award;
What do we offer
BRAC Bank Limited offers great platform to build your career with learning and career growth matched with compatible compensation and beniftis in a enjoyable, enabeling and ethical working condition with highest level of professionalism. Besides the competative compensation package, some of the lucrative benefits that employees of BRAC Bank enjoys are Leave Fair Assistance; Hospitalizaion Insurance for employees and their spouse and childern; Festival and Performance Bonsues; Providednt Fund, Gratuity; House Building Loan, Staff Loan, Car Loan at heavily discounted rate of interest.
BRAC bank offers a wide array of careers for individuals of various educational and experience backgrounds. Working in a bank is a respectable profession and gives a person many experiences to either move up in same department or move on into other department. An employee can grow both in upward and latterly within bank by getting promotion, job rotation, transfer to another division and can flourish & go further at the top.
BRAC Bank has seventy one state of art online branches and sixty SME service centers with four hundered twenty nine SME unit offices and 195 ATM Booths all around the country to reach and serve the people better. Most career fields are open to graduates of any discipline. If you know which area interest you most that is an added advantage but we encourage freshers to keep an open mind and find out what opportunities bank offers them. BRAC Bank is a full fledged large commercial bank thus offer a wide platform to start with. The areas that you can start with are SME Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Probashi Banking, Treasury & Financial Institutes, Finance, Operations, Credit Risk Management, Human Resources, Administration, Information Technology, Infrastructure Development, Corporate Affairs. BRAC Bank offers excellent opportunity and accelarated growth prospects for talented employees joining with previous experience with the bank.
BRAC Bank Limited maintains environment that will allow you to learn and grow in a professional atmosphare with creativity, integrity, accountibility and responsibility meeting your professional aspiration. It is worth thinking if your carrer goals fit in with our busienss need, compenstation and benefits we offer and what we expect from our people.
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