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Fast Rewards is a special loyalty program that allows you to earn points every time you make payment through your BBL Credit/Debit Card on local Retail Purchase.
Credit Card:
  1. A Credit Card holder can earn one (1) Reward Point for every local retail purchase of Tk.50. Supplementary cardholders can earn bonus points but primary card holder can only redeem the reward points of supplementary cardholder. Supplementary cardholder cannot claim Rewards.
  2. You can continue accumulating reward points till you close off your BRAC Bank Credit Cards.
  3. When the card is upgraded/downgraded, reward points will be automatically transferred to your new account.
Debit Card:
  1. A BRAC Bank Debit Card holder can earn one (1) Reward Point for every local retail purchase of Tk.100 starting from May 2013 and minimum transaction amount should be BDT 500 Taka.
  2. All retail account holders with debit cards are automatically enrolled in this program.
  3. Reward points can be accumulated as long as the card holder continues to use BRAC Bank Visa/MasterCard Credit/Debit Card. However, the bank retains the authority for any deviation.
  4. Each Joint account holder is entitled to get debit card against their account if the account’s mode of operation is-“either or survivor”. In this case reward point will accumulate in the account against purchase transaction of both the cards. Both card holders’ will be able to redeem their chosen reward as long as sufficient reward point remains in their account.
  5. Debit Card Reward Point information will be available with account statement. Customer can also query about the available reward points by calling call center from July 2013.
  6. If a Debit Card is upgraded/downgraded, accumulated Reward points will be automatically updated with new card.
  7. Debit Card & Credit Card rewards are maintained separately and reward redemption has to be done separately for Debit and Credit Card.
  8. Reward point for Debit Card and Credit Card cannot be added together though cardholders can take separate vouchers.
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