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International Internship Guideline
BRAC Bank's International Internship Program is aimed at offering an opportunity to the interested international students of reputed universities who wish to research or gain work exposure at our Bank. The objectives of our internship program are as follows:

Orient the interns with the various operations of BRAC Bank through a research project/ assignment of mutual interest.

Provide various departments of BRAC Bank with the assistance of highly qualified students specializing in various fields and gain new insights and perspectives from them as tools for the organizational and operational improvement.

Train the students in a professional environment through the internship program that would help them to develop organizational and professional skills for their future career.
Eligibility & Application
For international internship, we only accept graduate students of reputed foreign universities around the world with good academic standing.

Only Non-Bangladeshi nationals are eligible to apply for an international internship program at BRAC Bank.

All interns must have excellent communication skills in English

We accept international interns in all three semesters winter, summer, or fall based on acceptance of application. Interested students are advised to contact at [email protected] well in advance of their intended date of commencement of internship.

Application Form will be sent to applicant upon request at [email protected]

All internship applications should be made at least 3 months prior to the internship placement.

Completed application form with correct information along with university forwarding letter for internship to be submitted at [email protected] along with an updated CV and a passport size digital picture.

Application should contain a statement of interest for perusing an internship with BRAC Bank (maximum 300 words)

BRAC Bank's International Intern Selection Committee evaluates all applications on the basis of merit and academic /professional records.

In 3 weeks you will receive a decision regarding your application.
General Information for International Internships
BRAC Bank accepts 12 international interns a year. It is important that interested students apply atleast two months advance to be considered for this program.

We offer internship program for approximately twelve weeks. However, the duration can be shortened/extended upon mutual consent.

Upon the acceptance of internship application, a supervisor will be assigned for each intern. The intern will then work out a research project that is mutually agreeable between the intern and department supervisor. Interns with university requirements for a semester may propose their intention early in the application process with an initial research proposal.

BBL will pay a lump sum amount of BDT. 10,000.00 (Taka ten thousand) per month on reimbursement basis upon submission of living expenses vouchers (i.e. food, accommodation and transportation etc.). BBL shall not bear any other expenses related to internship program including but not limited to air fare, visa, insurance, accommodation.

Interns may need to travel to various field locations within the country if required. Travel expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of travel related vouchers. International intern shall be eligible to get reimburse of travel expenses on the basis of Local Travel Policy of Officer Level.

Upon completion of the internship, all interns must submit a copy of their internship report to BBL.
Travel Related Information for International Interns
Bangladeshi Visas
Contact your nearest Bangladeshi Consulate for specific details as requirements vary for different countries.

Apply for an R visa (preferably with multiple entries) at the Bangladesh Embassy in your country of domicile. You would need a passport with a validity of at least 3-6 six months (please check with concerned Embassy). Please contact [email protected] if you require an official letter from BRAC Bank for your visa. Visa costs, including any travel expenses associated with visa applications or renewals, are to be completely borne by interns. On obtaining a visa please check the conditions imposed on the visa to avoid unpleasant experience on arrival. Please also note that renewal or extension of visa within Bangladesh is extremely difficult. In order to avoid hassle while in the country, candidates must obtain the R visa from the Bangladeshi embassy in the country of domicile. You are therefore advised to obtain a visa for the whole duration of your anticipated stay in Bangladesh.
Healthcare and Immunization
Please contact your doctor well before traveling to Bangladesh in case of any immunization requirement. It is strongly recommended that interns purchase medical insurance (at their own expense) prior to their departure for Bangladesh.
Interns are advised to start looking for accommodation way in advance of their arrival in Dhaka. BRAC Bank staff may assist in finding suitable accommodation for the interns.
Official language of Bangladesh: Bangla
Second Language: English

Most BRAC Bank staff can communicate in English but once in the country, learning Bangla could help immensely for communication outside the bank.
N. B. All interns, are recommended to bring their own laptop as the organization may not be able to provide sufficient resources
Arrival in Bangladesh
Arriving at Zia International Airport (Dhaka)
Nearly all-international flights arrive at the Hajrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. The Internship Unit can organize airport pickups and drops for interns on request only. They can make their own arrangements too.
Money and Banking
The principal unit of money in Bangladesh is Taka (BDT), which is further sub-divided into 100 paisa. There is ATM at Hajrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. There is however currency exchanges counters/ branches of commercial banks, where international currencies and Traveler's cheques can be easily changed. In the cities, ATMs and banks are available in the city and can usually access foreign accounts without much difficulty. Bangladesh is decidedly a cash-based society but credit cards are now-a-days accepted in most hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and other businesses in urban areas.
Mobile Phone Connection
There are many shops in Dhaka that sell mobile phone sets and pre paid SIMs. If you already have a GSM cell phone that works in Bangladesh, you can get a pre-paid connection from any of the telecom companies (Grameen, Robi, Bangla Link, Airtel, City Cell etc.), that are available at the local shops. There is also a ‘Bangla Link' booth at the airport, where you can get a connection immediately after arrival. You would need to present two passport size photographs and photocopy of your passport to get the connection.
Registration with Your Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in Bangladesh
We advise our interns (foreign nationals) to register with their embassies in Bangladesh, as soon as they arrive also if needed approval to be obtained approval from Ministry of Home also. Once registered, the intern may be able to use some facilities provided by the embassy, receive updates and alerts about national emergencies and help in case of emergency evacuation etc. You can search the contact details of your country's embassy here:
Downloads Complaint Cell
   SWIFT: BRAKBDDH    16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)