BRAC Bank Earnings Disclosure Q1 2018


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For both Credit & Debit Card, once you have earned sufficient bonus points for your chosen Reward, please fill in the Rewards Coupon in your Fast Rewards Catalog or Reward Point Redemption Form (available at BRAC Bank Branches) and submit it to your Card's Customer Service desk of your nearest BRAC Bank Branch.
We will send you the Rewards Redemption Voucher by mail within 7 (seven) working days of receiving your written request. Please collect your chosen Reward personally from our participating merchants.
Credit Card:
  1. 1. While both Primary & Supplementary cardholder can earn points but Primary card holder can only redeem the reward points of supplementary cardholder. Supplementary cardholder cannot claim Rewards.
Debit Card:
  1. Debit Card reward redemption will start from July 2013. Customer can start submitting redemption request from July 2013.
  2. Customers can only opt for reward points earned till previous month for redemption.
  3. Currently customer will receive the voucher through only Mailing address.
  4. Accounts which are Dormant will not be entitled for redemption.
  5. The card holder has to collect his/her chosen reward personally from his/her chosen merchant outlet.
  6. Reward redemption vouchers will be valid for 30 days. And in case of delay customer losses the right to redeem the reward.
For any banking needs please call 24 Hour Call Center 16221 or e-mail us at [email protected]
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16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
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