BRAC Bank Earnings Disclosure Q1 2018


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Probashi Shubidha DPS
The Probashi Shubidha Account Holders can open this account to save their hard earned in very small installments every month and get a handsome amount at maturity.
Feature & Benefits
Special DPS for beneficiaries of remittance
Minimum deposit TK. 1,000 or multiple
Convenient tenor
Higher interest rate
Online facility without charge
Apply Eligibility
Any beneficiaries who are 18 years of old and receive money from abroad are eligible to have this account. The account will be on the beneficiary's name. {A minor (below 18 years of age) can open an account, but along with his legal guardian.}
Required Documents
From Remitter:
Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary mobile/land Number
In order to open the account, beneficiaries have to provide the following information:
2 copy of the beneficiary’s photograph
1 copy of the nominee’s photograph
Proof identity (Passport, photo ID etc)
Utility bill
Completed account opening form
For more information please call us at any of our branches or send a mail to: [email protected]
We will soon be in touch with you