BRAC Bank Earnings Disclosure Q3 2018


Corporate Banking
Corporate Loan Products
Short Term Loan
Lease Finance
Loan Against Trust Receipt (LATR)
Work Order Finance
Emerging Business
Term Loan
Project Finance
Bill Purchase
Bank Guarantees
Planet Solutions
Trade Finance
Letter of Credit (LC)
Letter of Guarantee (LG)
Corporate Cash Management
Cash & Trade Overview
Liability Products
Securities Services
Custodial Service
Probashi Biniyog
Schedule of Charges (Corporate Banking)
Securities Services
Safekeeping and settlement
Primary services offered where BRAC Bank will be responsible for maintaining the safety of custody assets held in physical form at the custodianís premises.
Reporting and recordkeeping
Recordkeeping services to meet the customersí specialized needs and comply with applicable recordkeeping and reporting laws and regulations. BRAC Bank will generate customized customer reports.
Cash Management
Cash management is a service provided to customers involving moving, managing and monitoring cash positions associated with securities transactions. Services provided include investment of excess cash, online review of cash balances and projections.
Income collection
Collecting income payments received from the assets held under custody. The income payments typically take the form of dividends and informing customers of projected income payments, enabling them to make their cash productive as soon as possible.
Corporate actions
Monitoring corporate actions for the securities held under custody and notifying customers of such events
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Risk Based Capital (Basel III)
Warning Against Illegal Forex Trading/ Dealing
Green banking