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Unit Fixed Deposit
You can partially encash your Fixed Deposit even before it reaches maturity*

The remaining (i.e. non-encashed) amount of Fixed Deposit will be continued to earn interest at the initially agreed rate for the rest of the tenure*

Opportunity of earning interest on your partially encashed amount*

Example: If you open a Unit Fixed Deposit of BDT 1 crore for 1 year at 12% interest rate and encash BDT 40 lac after 6 months, then BDT 40 lac will get 5.5% interest rate for 6-month period. Non-encashed amount of BDT 60 lac (i.e. BDT 1 crore BDT 40 lac) will be continued for the rest of the tenure at 12% interest rate.
Key Features
Only BDT 10,000 is required to open this Fixed Deposit
Each Bangladeshi taka will be considered as One Unit (BDT 1 = 1 Unit)
No ceiling on maximum amount of Fixed Deposit
12 months tenure
Attractive interest rate
Loan facility against lien on Fixed Deposit
For further information:
Please contact our 24-hour Call Center 16221 or your nearest BRAC Bank branch.
For Overseas Callers: +880 2 8852233

* If the partial encashment happens within 1 (one) month of the Fixed Deposit opening date then you will get back only the deposited amount and no interest will be given on encashed amount

* Partial encashment can be done only once within the tenure of the Fixed Deposit

* Conditions apply
16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
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