Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
01. What is the name of the Campaign?
Winter Vacation Campaign - 2019.
02. What is the validity of this Campaign?
1st December 2019 - 31st January 2020.
03. Who will be eligible for the offer?
All BRAC Bank Debit and Credit Cards.
04. What is the minimum transaction amount to be eligible for availing the discount offer?
There is no minimum transaction amount requirement for availing the discount offer (except in Cosmos Holiday the minimum transaction amount is Tk.30,000 & above to be eligible for the offer)
05. To avail the offer is it mandatory to make the transaction through a BRAC Bank POS machine?
No, transacting through BRAC Bank POS is not mandatory for availing the offer.
06. Is there any cashback offer in the Winter Vacation Campaign - 2019?
No there is no cashback offer in the campaign.
07. Is it mandatory to make the transaction with a BRAC Bank Card to avail the offer?
Yes, the transaction must be done through a BRAC Bank Card.
08. How many times can you avail this offer from the same partner?
There is no set limit.
09. Is the discount offer applicable for all products/services?
No. Only selected packages.
10. Can the cardholder avail the campaign discount and EMI facility simultaneously?
No, cardholder is allowed to avail only one type of offer at a time.
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