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Salary Upload
Salary upload through a single cheque.
All you have to do is give consolidated cheque of the total salary amount to BRAC Bank and a break-up of the disbursements to the employees in soft and hard copy format.
Multi-Location Salary
Multi-Location Salary Disbursal is possible within BRAC Bank Network:
With BRAC Bank, salaries of all employees located across Bangladesh can be uploaded from a single point upload.
Have you ever thought about how much time you spend managing payroll? This equates to time taken away from revenue-producing activities. Outsourcing with the right payroll service provider will save your time and money.
Even with the simplest of payrolls, it's easy to make mistakes. Without current and on-going training in payroll compliance, your company could face unhappy employees to boot.
It can be embarrassing and detrimental if the wrong eyes fall on the salary cheques. Confidentiality is much easier to maintain when payroll is outsourced.
Payroll companies offer a wide array of standard reports along with these invaluable reports which are neat and concise.
What better way to show your employees that your company is professional and secure? By outsourcing your payroll coupled with all benefits of BRAC Bank savings accounts will enhance your successful image and will make employees happy.
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