A seamless student banking services to cater to the financial needs for school, college and university going students to have bank accounts, student loans, study-abroad credit cards, and student file services.


"Future Star Account" is an attractive savings scheme to build a better future for your children. This scheme includes many exciting features for motivating your kids to start saving. All the youngsters, below eighteen years old, are eligible to open this account which can be operated by the legal guardians on their behalf.


  • This Account is for Bangladeshi nationals who are below 18 years' old
  • Account opening balance only BDT 100
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • Interest on any amount
  • Attractive interest on monthly balance
  • Opportunity to earn monthly interest
  • Get all the banking facilities in BRAC Bank branches and cash out facilities in ATM booths all over the country
  • Transaction alert facilities on parent's phone
  • Mobile Banking App "Astha" to view account activities without stepping feet in branches.
  • Moreover, SMS Banking, e-Statement, 24 Hour Call Center, ATM and CDM facility available

Special Features

  • Insurance benefit added (for monthly average balance of BDT 20,000 and above).
  • Group life coverage of the paying parent of the Future Star Account holders is: BDT 10,000
  • Death of the paying parent of the Future Star Account holders due to Accident: BDT 6,000 per month for 60 months for the tuition protection of the child
  • Permanent total disability of the paying parent of the Future Star Account holders due to Accident: BDT 6,000 per month for 60 months for the tuition protection of the child
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement Up to BDT 18,000 per incident for the child
  • As per Bangladesh Bank guideline, if customer reaches 18 years, he/she cannot have this minor account facility anymore. So, when account holder exceeds this age limit, we restrict withdrawal facility of this account. After 18 years, account holder can visit nearest branch with NID to convert it to Regular Savings Account.


Agami Savers Account is a specially designed account to cater the financial needs of the students. Focusing on the financial inclusion of students, this account has zero maintenance fee, free multicurrency debit card, interest on any balance and other magnificent features.


  • Account opening with BDT 250 only
  • Zero account maintenance fee
  • Free multi-currency debit card facility
  • Monthly interest earning opportunity on any balance
  • Welcome vouchers from renowned lifestyle and restaurant partners
  • Double reward points on Thursday on debit card transactions for both Agami and TARA Agami Account holders
  • Double reward points on Tuesday, special benefits and higher interest rate for female students (TARA Agami Account holders)


  • Age range between 18-25 years
  • Student ID proof
  • Bangladeshi national

Documents required

  • NID/Valid Passport/Birth certificate
  • Valid student photo ID/Certificate from Head of Educational Institution with Photo
  • Source of fund document (Self declaration in special cases)
  • Applicant Photo 1 copy
  • Nominee Photo 1 copy
  • NID copy of nominee
  • e-TIN/TIN (where applicable)
  • Utility bill (if any)

Welcome Voucher Partners

  • Apple Gadget BD
  • Gadget & Gear
  • BoionlineBD
  • The Mall (
  • The Reading Café
  • The Fitness Inside

Conversion Policy

Please note, this account will automatically be converted into regular account once the account holder reaches the age of 26 (on completion of 25 years old). All the charges related to account and debit card will be applicable as per SOC to the converted account.


BRAC Bank Agami Personal Loan is here to help you achieve your higher education dreams.

Special Features

  • Loan amount is up to 130% of total tuition fee;
    Example: If the tuition fee is BDT 800,000, an amount of up to BDT 1,040,000 (130% of BDT 800,000) loan can be provided.
  • Maximum loan amount is BDT 20 lac;
  • Repayable in 5 years;
  • Loan will be disbursed in phases;
    Example: If someone is asking to divide the loan in 8 equal phases, the loan disbursement amount of each phase will be BDT 100,000 (BDT 800,000/8).
  • You can apply for loan during admission/beginning of any semester;
  • Convenient repayment schedule: Affordable instalments and interest-saving at the beginning of loan tenure.


  • Parents and legal guardians of all professions can apply for their children’s university education;
  • Minimum monthly income requirement is BDT 20,000.

Required Documents of Loan Applicant

  • Photocopy of NID;
  • E-TIN certificate;
  • Two passport size photographs;
  • Proof of employment and income;
  • Bank statement (Last 6 months)
  • Proof of other bank credit facilities such as loans and credit cards.

*Conditions apply


BRAC Bank Student File Service is a convenient and customized solution for students going abroad for higher studies. Any student pursuing higher education needs to send fund abroad for their admission fees, tuition fees, living expenses, etc. BRAC Bank Student File Service enables the student and his/her family to transfer the expenses comfortably without any dispute.


  • Reasonable student file opening and renewal fee
  • Preferential discount on file opening and renewal fees for TARA and Senior Citizen Customers
  • Dedicated Officers at branches across the country to facilitate Student Opening
  • Easy & Quick Fund Transfer
  • NOC in 24 hours.
  • Study abroad credit card facility


  • Any student pursuing higher studies abroad.
  • Valid Passport
  • Offer Letter from University
  • A BRAC Bank Account to transfer money
  • Copy of original certificates


Exclusive Study Abroad Credit Card for students who are going for higher education in foreign institutions. This card will help them in their day-to-day living expenses and emergencies with dollars endorsed to their card.


  • Card Annual fee is 100% waived for the first year (till September 2022)
  • Refer a friend program: Refer anyone to BBL Student Credit Card and win a cashback of BDT 500 for each successful referral
  • Opportunity to avail platinum or signature credit card
  • Double benefit insurance facility available
  • 10% cashback on Student file opening fee and renewal fee
  • 500 bonus reward points on every endorsement of USD 5,000 and above
  • In case of secured card, 90% of the Fixed Deposit is available as card limit


  • Must have student file with BRAC Bank
  • NID
  • ETIN
  • One Copy Photo

*Conditions apply

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