We care about your health!

With your BRAC Bank Limited Card now you can avail special benefits from PRAAVA HEALTH Bangladesh Limited.


  • 20% Discount on Pathology, Imaging & various Medical Procedures* (valid for Signature & Platinum Credit Card, Premium Debit Card and all TARA Cards)
  • 15% Discount on Pathology , Imaging & various Medical Procedures* for all BRAC Bank Cards
Special health check-up package
Diagnostics Complete Blood Count BDT 3,500 Valid for all BRAC Bank Card
Glucose (Random)
Hepatitis-B Surface Antigen
Venereal Disease Research Laboratory
Urine Routine Microscopic Examination
Stool Routine Examination
Blood Grouping ABO & Rh
Prothrombin Time
X-Ray - Chest PA
Consultations 1 Consultation with Family Physician
Mental Health
Type of Service Offered Price (BDT) Regular Price (BDT) Valid for all BRAC Bank Card
Assessment 1 (30 minutes) Session by Psychologist 800 1,000
Counseling 1x (1 hour) by Psychologist 1,875 2,500
Counseling 8x (8 1-hour sessions) by Psychologist 15,000 20,000
Customized Annual Membership Plan
Consultations Unlimited consultations with Family Doctor BDT 9,700 Valid for all BRACBank Card
2 consultations with Nutritionist (including Diet Plan)
1 Physiotherapy assessment session
Annual health check-up Complete Blood Count + ESR
Glucose (Fasting)
Lipid Profile
Liver Function Test
Renal Function Test
Urine Routine Microscopic Examination
Stool Routine Examination
X-Ray - Chest PA
Ultrasound - Whole Abdomen

We care about your health!

For any queries, please call the PRAAVA HEALTH Hotline Number- 09678701701

PRAAVA HEALTH address: Plot-9, Road-17, Block-C, Banani, Dhaka- 1213

Email Address: [email protected]

Terms & Conditions :

  • Clubbing of any other discounts will be at the sole discretion of PHBL.
  • The service fees are subject to revision at the discretion of PHBL.

- List of Medical Procedures:

Procedures Service Count Service Name
1 Injections IM/SC
2 IV injections
3 Dressings
4 Suturing wounds (small)
5 Suturing wounds (medium)
6 Suturing wounds (large)
7 Suture removal (small)
8 Suture removal (medium)
9 Suture removal (large)
10 Nebulization
11 IV cannula insertion
12 Catherization (All types)
13 NG tube insertion
14 Enema administration
15 Pulmonary Function Test
16 Uroflowmetry
17 Sigmoidoscopy
18 Sigmoidoscopy - biopsy
19 Colonoscopy
20 Colonoscopy - biopsy
21 Colonoscopy with polypectomy (single / multiple)
22 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
23 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - biopsy
24 Wound Management- major
25 Wound Management- intermediate
26 Wound Management- minor
27 Gastric Lavage
28 Eye wash
29 Oxygenation (per hour)
30 Plaster casting - minor
31 Plaster casting - major
32 ECG
33 Holter ECG (1 Day)
34 Holter ECG (2 Day)
35 Holter ECG (3 Day)
36 Holter ECG (4 Day)
37 Scaling with Polishing (Moderate Stains)
38 Scaling with Polishing (Severe Stains)
39 Scaling without Polishing
40 Temporary Restoration
41 Permanent Restoration
42 Cosmetic Restoration
43 Tooth Whitening
44 Extraction for deciduous tooth (per tooth)- for kids
45 Normal Extraction of permanent tooth (per tooth)
46 Surgical extraction of impacted tooth (per tooth)
47 Root canal treatment (per tooth)
48 Jacket Crown for root canal/cap (per tooth)
49 Pulpectomy / Pulpotomy for Kid
50 Partial Denture per tooth
51 Complete Denture for both jaw
52 Metallic Denture
53 Permanent Restoration (Cervical)
54 Tooth Grinding (per tooth)
55 Operculectomy (per tooth)
56 Application of Homeostatic agent (per tooth)
57 Application of Dycal (per tooth)
58 Impression & model making
59 Repair of denture
60 T.M. Joint Appliance (per jaw)
61 T.M. Joint Appliance (both jaw)
62 Bruxism Appliance (both jaw)
63 Removable Ortho Appliance (per jaw)
64 Removable Ortho Appliance (both jaw)
65 Appliance for Sensitive Tooth (both jaw)
66 Desensitization (per visit)
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