FX Trading

Our FX trading desk is one of the most active ones in the market. Dealers conduct proprietary FX trading (mainly in G7 currencies) and provide pricing facilities to other players in the interbank market. The FX Trading Desk participates in market making through two-way quotations. Based on the convenience of interbank counterparties, our FX traders quote live two-way quotes over the phone, over Reuters Dealing System or through Electra.

Electra is a foreign exchange electronic trading platform launched by BRAC Bank. It is the first online FX trading platform launched by any local bank. Electra provides live two way pricing of G7 Currencies and BDT pairs. On Electra deals are executed through one-click/dual-click trading and deal confirmations are auto generated with ticket printing option as well.

Electra allows the user to conduct Foreign exchange deals in Cash, Tom and Spot value dates, Currency swaps, FX Forwards, cross currency deals (BDT pair included) and place resting orders. Key features of Electra include:


Electra also has the following outstanding features:

  • Electra is easily accessible through one click access on any internet browser. No separate application set up or download is required to access Electra.
  • Electra enables the user to access one click trading.
  • Dynamic order management
  • Full customization of FX pairs displays and tenors
  • Blotter customization
  • Options to export files to excel and pdf and ticket printing provision.

Interested in becoming an Electra user? Here are our FX Desk Contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +88028801255-60;

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