Government Securities Investment Window

BRAC Bank Fixed Income desk is one of the most active teams in managing Government Treasury securities in the market, with the ability to source well diversified range of securities at competitive yield. We possess the first rank in terms of volume of transaction in Government Treasury Bill and Bonds in secondary market.

Through our investment window, clients (both individual and institutional) can invest in Treasury Securities issued by Bangladesh Government. The government issues Treasury Bills and Bonds to borrow fund from the market. Treasury Bills are short term starting from three months to one year and issued at discount. Treasury Bonds are coupon bearing long term investment instruments starting from 2 years to 20 years. Government issues these bills and bonds through central bank.

Key Features:

  • Any individual or corporate can invest in these instruments
  • Minimum denomination of investment is BDT 1.00 lac. There is no upper ceiling of investment amount
  • Return is risk free as issuer is the government
  • In case of Treasury Bill, investors will receive discount income at maturity of the bill
  • Investor will receive fixed semiannual coupon amount , in case of Treasury Bond for the remaining term of the bond
  • 5% tax is deducted at source while crediting the coupon/discount income to investor's account
  • Apart from the regular tenors, broken tenor bill and bond can be served as per investors' requirement
  • Investors will be able to sell bonds to BRAC Bank as and when required
  • Investor needs to open Business Partner Identification (BP ID) with Bangladesh Bank and this process will be carried forward by BRAC Bank on behalf of client
  • To ensure faster and safer transactions, it is recommended to open account with BRAC Bank.

Who can invest?

  • Residents and non-residents
  • Institutional investors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Corporates
  • Provident funds
  • Pension funds
  • Mutual Funds


  1. In order to invest in Bangladesh Govt. Treasury Bills & Bonds (BGTB), a Business Partner Identification (BP ID) must be opened.
  2. BPIDs can be opened for both individuals and business entities.
  3. To open a BPID:
    • Download the forms and letters from the links given below.
      For an Individual Client,download forms & letter listed under Individual client.
      For a Business Entity/Provident Fund/Gratuity Fund, download forms & letters listed under Corporate client.
    • Fill up the BPID form
    • Complete the Standing Instruction (SI) Letter
    • Complete the Approach letter
    • Arrange for all the required documents mentioned in Documents checklist
    • Email the forms, letters & required documents to [email protected] & [email protected]
  4. To know more about investment in BGTB, please click on the BGTB manual below.
  5. To know about the charges involved in opening BPID with us, please click on the schedule of charges below.

Contact details:
For further query regarding Treasury Bills & Bonds, reach out to us at the following email addresses-
1) [email protected]
2) [email protected]

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