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1. What are the eligibility requirements for availing a BRAC Bank credit card?
Any Bangladeshi National
For salaried person minimum monthly income after tax is BDT 25,000
For self-employed person minimum monthly income after tax is BDT 25,000
- Minimum 21 years for primary card
- Minimum 18 years for supplementary card
- Maximum 60 years for any card.
* Credit Card approval is subject to credit assessment.
2. How can you get annual fee waived for your card?
Annual Fee is waived on various Credit Cards depending upon offer. Currently, Annual Fee is waived when you do 18 or more transactions in a year (minimum 10 POS retail transactions are mandatory) on BRAC Bank’s Gold or Classic cards.
Please inform the bank for annual fee reversal when you have completed 18 transactions by simply calling 16221 or by visiting the nearest branch. We shall reverse the fee at the earliest working day.
** Note: Annual Fee is charged automatically by the system. We shall reverse it manually. So do not forget to notify us as soon as you have completed 18 transactions (with minimum 10 POS transactions) and annual fee has been charged in your card account.
3. What documents are required for availing a BRAC Bank credit card?
Duly filled Credit Card Application form
Salary Certificate (salaried) / Valid and Updated Trade License(self employed)
Partnership deed(self employed)
Memorandum of Association(self employed)
Certificate of Incorporation (self employed)
Photocopy of updated TIN Certificate
Valid Photo ID (National ID/Passport)
Photocopy of Office ID
2 passport sized photographs
Latest Six months Bank statement for salaried applicant
Latest One year Bank statement for self employed
Latest Three months Bank statement for those who maintain salary account with a reputed bank
Latest two months bank statement or 2 salary reflection for Corporate Offer Pack for Salaried and 4 months for Non Salaried
4. Why annual fee was charged on a `free for life’ credit card?
This offer has been discontinued since February 2008. A series of letter and SMS communication has been sent to your last updated mailing address. The first letter was sent on November 2008 and the second letter was sent in between February 2010 to June 2010. The SMS was sent on April 2009, September 2009 and January 2010.
Is your email address and phone number up to date?
If not, call our 24 hour call center number 16221 or visit a BRAC Bank Branch and fill up a Email address change request form.
5. Why have not I yet received my credit card e-statement?
Router faults
Detected as SPAM by various company servers and blocked
Your email address needs to be updated with the Bank
Have you registered for our E-statement service?
If not, you have to fill up an enrollment form and drop it at any of our branches.
6. Why have not I yet received my hard copy credit card statement?
We usually send out hard copy statements for every billing cycle for the different cards.
Card Holders are mailed the hard copy statements once they are generated. A period of 20 days from the statement generation date is provided to make the minimum payment due on the credit cards.
However, the possible reasons for not receiving the hard copy statement are:
Card holder may have changed his address but the bank has not been updated accordingly
There may be problem in reaching the person at the billing address due to incomplete address given to the bank
* If this situation takes place, simply contact the call center to report.
7. Can I purchase online using BRAC Bank credit card?
o Yes you can use all types of BRAC Bank Credit Card. But you can purchase from local Bangladeshi e-shops only. For such a list visit
8. Can a BRAC Bank credit card be used to pay exam fees online?
o Definitely, yes! All kind of international exam fees (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT etc) can be paid through dual currency credit cards. To enable an online transaction, the card holder has to call our 24 hour Call Center. Make sure that your card is endorsed for current year and you have available limit in USD part.
9. Does BRAC Bank have any dual currency credit card?
Yes! Brac bank offers Dual Currency VISA/Master card Credit Cards named Universal Credit Card and Platinum Credit Card.
Universal VISA/Master Classic Credit Card
This Card is valid not only in Bangladesh but abroad as well. It can be used in local currency (BDT) within the country and foreign currency outside the country. This type of credit card has a limit ranging from BDT 10,000 to BDT 75,000.
Universal VISA/Master Gold Credit Card
This is a Dual Visa/Master credit card which is valid both in Bangladesh as well as abroad. It can be used in local currency (BDT) within the country and foreign currency outside the country. The basic difference between Classic & Gold cards is that the Gold card has higher credit limit than that of classic card. Credit limit of Visa/Master Gold Card ranges from BDT 80,000 to BDT 500,000.
Platinum Credit Card
This card comes with several privileges and exclusive offers with a credit limit of BDT 250,000 to BDT 500,000.

For more details please visit
10. Can I use my BRAC Bank credit card abroad?
Yes! You have to ensure the endorsement on your passport prior to your visit abroad. You can use till your travel quota is exhausted.
11. I have lost my credit card. What can I do now?
Immediately call our 24 hour call center at 16221 (or +880 2 8852233 if you are calling from abroad) and report the loss with proper information. Card will be blocked immediately and new card will be issued.
12. How can I increase my credit card limit?
Simply go to a BRAC Bank Branch and fill up the form for Limit Enhancement. Please do not forget to bring the following with you when you visit our Branch:
If you are salaried person
Your new salary certificate
3 month latest Bank statement showing the increased income.
If you are a Business Person
Your latest trade license
6 months latest bank statement
* Enhancement is subject to credit assessment.
13. How to close my credit card?
Please pay your total due outstanding. This may include:
Pay flex dues (if any),
Unsettled transaction (last 6 month),
Annual fee(if any)
Transaction alert fee.
Upon the necessary payment of your total outstanding amount, please submit
Duly filled Card Closure Form
Your Credit Card & Card Cheque book (if any).
P.s. Signature must match with system.
14. What is ‘credit shield’?
Credit shield facility is a triple benefits Insurance Plan for the BBL Cardholders. The entire dues on the Credit Card, in the event of death or permanent total disability of BBL credit Cardholder, will be waived and the cardholder or his/her family will receive equal amount to meet immediate expenses. For any kind of accidental death, gold card holder is covered up to BDT 200,000 and Classic Cardholder up to BDT 100,000, and Platinum cardholder up to BDT 600,000 – under Credit Shield.

A very nominal charge of 0.35 paisa for every TK.100/- of your Credit Card outstanding balance will be applicable for this coverage.
15. What is a ‘general sales tax’?
It is another name for Valued Added Tax (VAT). It is 15% VAT imposed by Government on all the fees related to credit card services. It is mandatory to pay.
16. What is a ‘transaction alert fee’?
It is the fee charged for SMS’s that you get after every transaction you make. You will also get your statement SMS and different promotional SMS through alert.

This `transaction alert fee’ also assists you to know whether your card is being misused or stolen.
17. I am a non-resident Bangladeshi. Am I eligible to avail a BRAC Bank credit card?
Sorry, as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines, no foreigner or Non Resident Bangladeshi is eligible for BRAC Bank Credit Card.
18. How can I change my email address?
Call our 24 hour call center number at 16221 or visit your nearest BRAC Bank Branch and fill up an Email address change request form.
19. How can I change my mailing address?
Call our 24 hour call center number at 16221 or visit your nearest BRAC Bank Branch and fill up a mailing address change request form.

However, this change is subject to verification and submission of papers that proves the said address.
20. How will I collect my credit card PIN number?
It will be sent to you mailing address given in your application form.
21. Is it possible to do online transactions from Bangladesh by using a BRAC Bank Travel Card?
Sorry! BRAC Bank Travel Card can only be used abroad.
22. Why am I unable to open my card e-statement?
Kindly install a PDF file reader on your PC or laptop. All bills or statements are prepared in PDF format.
16221 +880 2 55668056 (Overseas Callers)
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