Partner Name Discount Offer for Valid Till
Bangladesh Specialized Hospital
Number: 10633/09611677777
Email: [email protected]
25% (all pathological & biochemistry investigations at OPD Services) All BRAC Bank Card 8-Sep-2021
15% (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ECG, Ultra-sonogram,
Echo and ETT at OPD Services)
7% (all pathological & biochemistry
investigations at IPD Services)
7% (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ECG, Ultra-sonogram,
Echo and ETT at IPD Services)
10% (bed charges while the patients are admitted in BSHL)
Fitness Plus
Number: 01715586705
Email: [email protected]
20% (yearly membership fee) All BRAC Bank Card 18-Dec-2021
10% (half yearly membership fee)
15% (all products)
City Hospital Limited
Number: 01815484600
Email: [email protected]
Up To 30% Discount To Patchology, Radiology & Imaging, Echo, E.C.G, Color Doppler, Ultra Sonogram, Bed-Cabin Charge, ICU & Nicu Bed Charge, Bed-Cabin Charge For Burn Patient, Physioltherapy ) (Indoor & Outdoor) And Kidney Diaysis All BRAC Bank Card Untill Discontinued
VLCC Health Care
Number: 9895580/81/82
Email: [email protected]
20% Discount on Regular Beauty Services ( Single Session Beauty Services) All BRAC Bank Card 05-Jun-2022
Bangkok Hospital
Number: 01951111801
Email: [email protected]
Up to 20% (on medicine, laboratory, x-ray,
Room Charges and selected dental treatment charges)
All BRAC Bank Card 4-Feb-2022
AMRI Hospital
Number: 03366800000
Email: [email protected]
Up to 20% (room charges in-patient and
out-patient in-house investigations)
Signature/ Platinum Credit Card,
Premium Debit Card & ALL TARA Card
Asian Specialized & Diagonstic Centre
Number- 01879444000
Email: [email protected]
30% (Pathology) All BRAC Bank Card 20-Oct-2021
20% (Imaging)
10% (Hospital Bill & Ambulance Services)
Impulse Hospital
Number: 01715016727
Email: [email protected]
30% (Labarotary Charge) All BRAC Bank Card 17-Oct-2022
10% (Bed Charge & Radiology Services)
Asgor Ali Hospital
Number: 01787683333
Email: [email protected]
10% (Investigation, Radiology & Imaging) &
3% (OPD Pharmacy except Imported medicine)
for out-Patient
All BRAC Bank Card Until discontinued
10% (Investigation, Radiology & Imaging) &
5% (Bed-Charge) for in-Patient
Health Checkup package with TK.5200 at Asgar Ali Hospital. 21-Dec-2021
Praava Health Bangladesh
Number: 01886555200
Email: [email protected]
20% (Pathology, Imaging & Procedures) Signature/Platinum Credit,
Premium Debit & All TARA Card
15% (Pathology, Imaging & Procedures) All BRAC Bank Card
Bangladesh Eye Hospital
Number: 9666787878
Email: [email protected]
10% (investigation) All BRAC Bank Card 18-Aug-2021
5% (surgery)
La Mano
Number: 01944001077
Email: [email protected]
10% (all products & services except Medicine & Injectable items) All BRAC Bank Card Until Discontinued
Surecell Medical (BD) Ltd
Number: 9612667777
Email: [email protected]
Up to 20% (total bill) All BRAC Bank Card 29-Aug-2021
Laser Chain & Skin Centre
Number: 01755568857
Email: [email protected]
25% (all services) All BRAC Bank Card 18-Aug-2022
Body Balance
Number: 01873222288
Email: [email protected]
20% (total bill) All BRAC Bank Card 29-Aug-2021
Seven Door Spa
Number: 01720308205
Email: [email protected]
15% (all products & services) All BRAC Bank Card 17-Aug-2022
Medical Centre
Number- 031658501
Email: [email protected]
25% (Pathology) All BRAC Bank Card 01-Nov-2021
20% (Imaging)
10% (Hospital Bill & Ambulance Services)
Parkway Hospitals Singapore
Number: 01711438877
Email: [email protected]
5% (on Hospitals Bill excluding Doctor's Fee & Fixed Surgical Packages ) & Infinite/Signature Credit & Premium Banking Debit Card 31-Oct-2022
Special Medical Air Fare (8% Discount In Economy Class, Singapore Airlines, for Travelling To & From Singapore; Subject To Validity & Conditions)
Lab Aid Hospital
Number: 01766-660333
Email: [email protected]
15% (Pathological & Biochenistry Investigations) All BRAC Bank Card Until Discontinued
10% (X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Ultra-Sonogram, ECG, ECHO & ETT Investigation)
10% (Bed Charge for patients admitted in Labaid Cardiac Hospital)
Somotor Homoeo
Number: 01912-481503
Email: [email protected]
10% (all medicine) All BRAC Bank Card 25-Dec-2022
Square Hospital
Number: 09610-010616
Email: [email protected]
BRAC Bank Health Check-Up Package at 5500 BDT (Hba1c, Lipid profile, ECG, Urine R/E, X-ray Chest P/A View, Creatinine, Complimentary Breakfast/Lunch, Consultation with Physician) All BRAC Bank Card 15-Nov-2021
Gulshan Clinic
Number: 01708-800888
Email: [email protected]
Up to 30% (on selected Pathology Tests), Up to 20% (on selected Radiology Tests), Up to 10% (on Covid Tests) All BRAC Bank Card 30-Jun-2022
Imperial Hospital
Number: 09612-247247
Email: [email protected]
10% (on Lab Medicine, Radiology & Imaging & Admitted Charge) All BRAC Bank Card 11-Oct-2021
Number: 01714212772
Email: [email protected]
15% (all services) All BRAC Bank Card 10-Feb-2022
Gulshan Fitness Gym & Health Club
Number: 01715586705
Email: [email protected]
25% Discount on Yearly Admission Package & 20% Discount on the basis at 6 & 3 Months Admission Package All BRAC Bank Card 08-Jun-23
Mayfair Welness Clinic
Number: 01986660000
Email: [email protected]
35% Discount on Physiotherapy All BRAC Bank Card 23-Mar-22
United Hospital
Email: [email protected]
Option: 1-Offered Package Price(BDT)
(Complete Blood Count,C-Reactive Protein,D-Dimer,S-Ferritin,S-Creatinine) at 5,500

Option: 2-Offered Package Price (BDT)
(Complete Blood Count,C-Reactive Protein,D-Dimer,S-Ferritin,S-Creatinine,Chest X Ray P/A View) at 6,200
All BRAC Bank Card 30-Sep-21

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