Agami Savers Account is a specially designed account to cater the financial needs of the students. Focusing on the financial inclusion of students, this account has zero maintenance fee, free multicurrency debit card, interest on any balance and other magnificent features.


  • Account opening with BDT 250 only
  • Zero account maintenance fee
  • Free multi-currency debit card facility
  • Monthly interest earning opportunity on any balance
  • Welcome vouchers from renowned lifestyle and restaurant partners
  • Double reward points on Thursday on debit card transactions for both Agami and TARA Agami Account holders
  • Double reward points on Tuesday, special benefits and higher interest rate for female students (TARA Agami Account holders)


  • Age range between 18-25 years
  • Student ID proof
  • Bangladeshi national

Documents required

  • NID/Valid Passport/Birth certificate
  • Valid student photo ID/Certificate from Head of Educational Institution with Photo
  • Source of fund document (Self declaration in special cases)
  • Applicant Photo 1 copy
  • Nominee Photo 1 copy
  • NID copy of nominee
  • e-TIN/TIN (where applicable)
  • Utility bill (if any)

Welcome Voucher Partners

  • Apple Gadget BD
  • Gadget & Gear
  • BoionlineBD
  • The Mall (
  • The Reading Café
  • The Fitness Inside

Contact our dedicated Relationship Officers to get priority service in Student Banking

ARO/RO/SRO/ARM Name Branch Name Contact No
Syed Shafiul Bashar Agrabad Branch, CTG 01575080028
Khorshed Alam Agrabad Branch, CTG 01811167355
Sagore Mojumder Banani 01755150829
Tarikul Islam Banani 01720683458
Monsur Helal Masum Bashundhara 01915595743
Mrs. Priya Barua CDA Avenue CTG 01863984243
Mizanur Rahman Dhanmondi 01799349013
Tamanna Rahman Tonny Dhanmondi 01711085733
Arzina Aktar Dhanmondi 27 01981168826
Ewena Hossain Dhanmondi 27 01748844257
Anoaruzzaman Mondal Dhanmondi 27 01723522181
Lutfun Nesa Dhanmondi 27 01680435493
Tahmina Sultana Gulshan 01671663467
Shanto Mia Karwanbazar 01980292885
Rizon H Khan Mirpur 1 Branch 01631071823
Forhad Hosen Mirpur Branch 01737579968
Fazle Rabbi Mohakhali 01984272021
Shakawat Hossain Motijheel Br 01673786210
Raida Chowdhury Zilik North Gulshan Branch 01636717807
Mobashira Tasin North Gulshan Branch 01888717300
POPY SAHA Panthpath 01684832083
Maruf Sultan Pragotisharani Branch 01679170501
Foysal Ahmed Progati Sharani 01846379203
Anik Chondra Sarker Rampura 01681008094
Afsana Rahman Nisha Shatmasjid Road 01705077806
Most. Kaniz Fatema Shatmasjid Road 01316461271
Taslim Anjum Shaymoli Branch 01673470491
Parijat Rahman Uttara Jashim Uddin 01688277412



(For Regular & TARA Customers)

  1. What is the name of newly introduced accounts for Students?

Answer: Agami Savers Account (for male students) and TARA Agami Savers Account (for female students).

  1. Is NID mandatory for this account?

Answer: No. Student can open this account with NID/Birth certificate/valid passport (any one).

  1. Why should you open Agami Savers account?

Answer: Our Agami Savers account is designed with special benefits for students. This account is designed to give you all the best features of a bank account in package that is charge-free.

  1. Who can open this account? (Eligible criteria).

Answer: Any Bangladeshi national who is a student and aged between 18-25 years can open this account.

  1. What type of documents are required for opening this account?

Answer: Same as other retail accounts. Students can open this account with birth certificate/NID/ passport and Valid student photo ID/Certificate from Head of Educational Institution with Photo. Source of fund document will be as per current process (Note from CAMLCO: If the student only provides self-declaration, we will accept that, but if the student provides any income corroborative document, we can accept that also. In case source of fund is from parents’ regular process of BO profiling should apply.

  1. What is the opening balance required for the account?

Answer: BDT 250

  1. How is interest calculated on Agami Savers account?

Answer: Interest is accrued and applied to the account monthly.

  1. What is the interest rate for this account?

Answer: Current interest rate for Agami Savers Account is 3.0% and 3.5% for TARA Agami Savers Account. Please see the “Deposit Interest Rate” published in the bank’s website for updated rate.

  1. What is the minimum balance required to earn interest?

Answer: BDT 1.  

  1. What type of Debit Card will be issued against this account?

Answer: A VISA Multicurrency Debit Card for Agami Savers accountholders and TARA VISA Multicurrency Debit Card for TARA Agami Savers accountholders will be issued respectively.

  1. On which day Agami Debit Cardholders will get double reward points?

Answer: Agami debit cardholders will get double reward points on every Thursday.

  1. What is the debit card’s annual/Issuance/replacement fee?

Answer: Clients will enjoy a Free Debit Card with this account till 25 years of age. There will be no annual charge on debit card till 25 years of age. Replacement fee will be applicable as per SOC.

  1. Is Debit card mandatory for this account?

Answer: No. It is not a mandatory requirement. A client may choose to open the account without a debit card. However, in that case the client will not be able to enjoy the full suite of privileges since a number of the account related benefits are tagged with the debit card.

  1. What is the ATM Withdrawal Limit for Debit Card?

Answer: Debit Card per Day ATM Withdrawal Limit is up to BDT 03 Lacs.

  1. What is the POS Transaction Limit for Debit Card?

Answer: Per Day POS Transaction Limit is up to BDT 03 Lacs.

  1. Can accountholders use this card online?

Answer: Yes, as a client can make online purchases/payments anywhere you see the VISA logo. When customer uses card online, he/she may be asked to go through the VISA Secure process and a one-time password will be sent to his/her phone.

  1. Will TARA customer will be able to enjoy additional features for TARA Variant?

Answer: Yes, TARA customer will additionally enjoy below mentioned features of TARA product: -

  1. Double reward points on Tuesdays.
  2. Higher interest rate on account
  3. TARA customers will get special discounts which are tagged with TARA Debit Cards Specifically
  1. What is the cheque book fee?

Answer: Customer will get a free cheque book of 5 leaves. Onwards, charge will be applicable as per Schedule of Charges.

  1. What is the account maintenance fee?

Answer: No Account Maintenance Fee will be charged for this account.

  1. Can this account be operated jointly?

Answer: No. Mode of operation can be singly only.

  1. Is intercity charge applicable for this account?

Answer: No

  1. Is there any charge applicable for availing Fast Track Services?

Answer: No charge is applicable for Fast Track Services, such as: Internet Banking, Call Center, SMS Alert, e-Statement, ATM facility & CDM Facility.

  1. Are there any charges of Inter-city/Online Charges & Fund Transfer?

Answer: No Charges

  1. How long the account will remain free?

Answer: This account will remain free till customer’s 25 years of age.

  1. What is the account conversion policy?

Answer: As per the policy, the student account will automatically be converted into regular account and debit card (Triple Benefit/TARA Triple Benefit) on completion of 25 years of age as per provided ID document (NID/birth certificate/passport) by customer. Customer will receive

  1. What are the charges of converted account?

Answer: Charges will be applicable as per SOC

  1. What are the welcome voucher partners?

Answer: Welcome Vouchers from Apple Gadget BD, Gadget & Gear, The Reading Café,, The Mall, The Fitness Inside.