FAQ for দিশারী Personal Loan
  1. Who can apply for “দিশারী” Personal Loan?
    Answer: Teachers from public, private, MPO schools, colleges and universities and BRAC Bank listed English medium schools.

  2. At what age can a teacher apply?
    Answer: Minimum 18 years.

  3. How many days (or years) of work experience is required to apply for “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Minimum length of service as a permanent employee for at least 6 months.

  4. What is the minimum income requirement to apply for “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Net salary income BDT 17,000 per month

  5. What is the loan limit of “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Minimum BDT 1 lac and maximum BDT 20 lac.

  6. What is the maximum loan tenure of “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Maximum loan tenure is 5 years.

  7. Which source of income will be considered for “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Account payee salary income, cash salary from organization and verified tuition income.

  8. What documents are required for application of “দিশারী” personal loan?
    Answer: Document list-
    • Copy of National ID of loan applicant(s) and guarantor(s)
    • One Passport size photograph of loan applicant and guarantors
    • E-TIN (if applicable)
    • Proof of Employment as- Introduction Letter with Employment Date / appointment letter
    • Pay slip / salary statement and, or cash voucher; of last 6 months
    • Copy of salary register for MPO listed teacher or letter of attestation from head of the institution (e.g. principal or headmaster)
    • Photocopy of ID or visiting Card of loan applicant and guarantors; if applicable.
    • Affidavit/Declaration for information mismatch with documents
    • Utility bill copy for own house consideration
    • A declaration mentioning the approval for private tuition from proper authority have to collect.
If you are interested to apply, please visit your nearest branches or call at BRAC Bank Call Center- 16221