Puja Campaign 2019
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01. What is the Campaign?
Puja Campaign – 2019
02. What is the effective period for Puja Campaign - 2019?
From 15th September, 2019 till 10th October, 2019.
03. What is the campaign offering?
BRAC Bank Cardholders will enjoy certain percentage of Discount on transactions made at selective partner outlets.
04. Who is eligible for the discount offer?
All BRAC Bank Debit & Credit Cardholders will be eligible to avail the discount offers under this campaign.
05. What is the minimum transaction amount to be eligible for availing the Discount offer?
No minimum transaction amount is required to avail the campaign discount offers with any of the listed partners except Vikrampur Mistanna Bhander. The minimum purchase amount to avail discount at Vikrampur Mistanna Bhander is Tk. 1000.
06. To avail the offer, is it mandatory to make transactions through BRAC Bank POS?
It is not mandatory to use a BRAC Bank POS machine to be eligible for the discount offer.
07. What is the payment method to be eligible for availing the offers under this campaign?
BRAC Bank Card must be used for making the payment.
08. Where can you find the partner & campaign details?
In BBL website, Facebook, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and SMS.
09. How many times a customer can avail discount facility from the same partner outlet during the campaign period?
As many times a customer wishes.