TARA Business Account

TARA Business Account is designed for your business need. SME Prapti Account allows customers to avail TARA facilities along with TARA Business Debit Card.

Prapti Current Account is designed for women owned business under SME category offering a wide range of lending products. Any women customer having Prapti Current Account will get the TARA Business Debit Card as well.

TARA Business Debit Card:

TARA Business Debit Card is a VISA card intended for our SME customers under the TARA suit. This card enables women SME customers to enjoy loads of special privileges. This card is tagged to Prapti Current Account only and is applicable for Sole Proprietorship female SME customers only. The existing Sole Proprietorship SME customers having a Prapti Current Account can replace their existing card and upgrade it to TARA Business Debit Card.

Card fee will be charged from the second year of the issuance date since the annual fee is fully waived in the first year for TARA customers. Hence, Tk. 500+15% VAT will be charged from the second year of the issuance date.