Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is embedded in the value system of BRAC Bank Limited. For BRAC Bank, being committed to CSR means giving statement that the bank is ethically committed towards the society of this country in which it operates. BRAC Bank's corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Bangladesh are in line with its 3P (People, Planet, Profit) philosophy which are framed by the vision that was instilled by its Founder Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG, who founded this bank with a vision of financial inclusion of the unbanked grassroots people. The establishment of BRAC Bank's CSR strategy is a crucial component that reflects the intention for the sustainable development of our society and our stakeholders which means having policies and procedures in place that integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights or consumer concerns into business operations and core strategy – all in close collaboration with stakeholders. For BRAC Bank, the overall aim for CSR activities is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole, while maximizing the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders. Bangladesh Bank CSR Guideline is the guiding principal in designing our CSR roadmap. BRAC Bank prioritizes on long-term programs rather than the short-term ones that have sustainable and lasting impact on the people and society of the country. At BRAC Bank, employees work with a greater mission. They are motivated to contribute to the bank's social initiatives like annual fundraiser marathon, warm clothes distribution and blood donation. Employees' passionate involvement in CSR adds new dimensions to the bank's CSR portfolio.​


BRAC Bank takes pride in playing a leading role in providing banking services to create positive economic, social and environmental impact. As a values-based bank, BRAC Bank believes in the all-encompassing ‘3P’ philosophy (people, planet and profit). This philosophy is enshrined in our shared values that emphasizes on our need to measure value that goes beyond the measurement of financial outcomes. This philosophy is central to our ability to create extended value as we focus on leveraging our core banking expertise to drive commercial value that enables us to extend value creation at the broader level. As a banking institution of repute, we are deeply cognizant of our responsibility to the society and have. This is the basic premise for our ability to continue as a successful and sustainable business. Our shared value is defined by our strategic value drivers that enable us to realize our sustainable and holistic value creation aspirations.​


Social: The value BRAC Bank creates for the society, as measured by the value created for our employees in areas such as capacity building and skills development, the shared value our business generates for our customers and clients, and other stakeholders, through deepening financial inclusion, through industrialization and by supporting job creation and our investments in the realm of health and education that benefit communities and future generations.​

Economic: The value BRAC Bank creates for its shareholders and, more broadly, for the society, by driving inclusive economic growth and mainstreaming a large swathe of the population into formal banking, by developing and implementing more efficient ways of doing business and through supporting economic growth and development.​

Environmental: The value BRAC Bank creates for the natural environment, through businesses we finance or refrain from financing, investments towards decarbonizing the economy and any other environmental degradation and by helping our customers to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change.​


Drive holistic and inclusive growth of Bangladesh, our home country. At BRAC Bank, our strategy is centered on our commitment to our home country and directs our growth for the shared benefit of our clients, our people and all our stakeholders. It drives us to lead with purpose, to build a better business and to position ourselves sustainably for the future. ​



BRAC Bank prioritizes on long term programs rather than short term ones with focus on sustainable societal impact and SDGs. Key areas of CSR is stated below --​
Disaster management 55%

Education 24%

Health 14%
Social Welfare 5%

Art & Culture 1%

Environment 1%

Employee Initiatives

BRAC Bank’s employees passionately contribute to the social initiatives such as the bank’s annual fundraiser marathon, flood relief programs, warm clothes distribution, blood donation etc. Employee participation in CSR adds new dimensions to the bank’s social portfolio creating a unique ownership and affiliation with the organization. Each BRAC Bank team member is an agent of change.


Hong Kong-based publication Asiamoney awarded BRAC Bank the “Best Bank for CSR” in recognition of its valued-based and sustainable CSR programs.

Asiamoney notes in award citation, “As befits a bank that springs from a charity, CSR is part of BRAC Bank’s DNA”. Asiamoney notes high about support to Rohingya refugees, Adamya Medhabi Scholarships, Diabetic Hospital and flood in the greater Ganges delta


BRAC Bank nurtures indebtedness to people and society in its inner soul. Its attachment and passion to social works go beyond periphery and definition of CSR. So, it carries out social duties with enthusiasm and spontaneity.

BRAC Bank will be doing its social responsibilities as silently as possible. It will be drawing up social program to cover more lives and areas. BRAC Bank believes in sustainability. So, it prefers to be sustainable partner for lasting impact on people and society. It thinks its investment in social projects will bring in results in the years to come. BRAC Bank will also play a role from its capacity to contribute in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations

BRAC Bank CSR Desk

As per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines, BRAC Bank has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Desk to further expand, expedite and consolidate its social responsibility activities. The Desk helps the bank put focus its on different CSR activities and ensure transparency. General people will get access to information about the bank’s CSR programs.

Anybody can send CSR proposal to BRAC Bank CSR Desk. The Desk can be contacted by calling at Tel: +88 02 9884292 Ext - 2009 at Head Office and through E-mail- [email protected]



Education enlightens people and society, it is the backbone of a nation. BRAC Bank puts immense priority on education in light with the vision of the bank for an enlightened Bangladesh. The bank extend its support to education initiatives to realize potentials of students with exceptional merit and intellect. With the country’s overall growth and progress in mind, the bank spends more than 40% of its CSR budget in the education sector. The stories say it all.

  • Unleashing student potential to create the future of the society: BRAC Bank - Prothom Alo Trust Scholarship
  • Fulfilling higher education dreams: University of Dhaka scholarships
  • Realizing Higher Education Dream: BRAC University Scholarships
  • Making technical education affordable: UCEP Institute of Science and Technology


Healthcare is one of the important agenda in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that have being taken by the United Nations. The health crisis is evident in countries like Bangladesh. So, BRAC Bank set top priority on health initiatives. We invest in areas where it is needed most. Together we envision a healthy Bangladesh. Following stories will tell about healthcare efforts of the bank.

  • Providing a new lease of life to the disabled: Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP)
  • Partnering with the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh
  • Enabling the establishment of a burn unit at Chittagong City Corporation Hospital
  • Support to Bangladesh Thalassaemia Hospital
  • Helping people to walk again: Moyeen Foundation’s Artificial Limb Transplant Camp

Social Welfare

BRAC Bank is a socially responsible bank. The Bank feels that it must do something for welfare of the community it works with and the society it works in. The bank comes forward for humanitarian cause with passion and affection. The welfare works are few of many social commitments that this bank fulfills.

  • Life-time support to valiant freedom fighter, Taramon Bibi Bir Protik
  • Initiative for safe drinking water for the people of former enclave
  • Partnering with Asiatic Society for a landmark book on Bangladesh’s glorious history
  • Creating public awareness on road safety
  • Partnering with BhaatBank for free meal programme to the underprivileged people


Art and culture is the identity of a country. It refines human soul and defines intellect and creativity of a society. As a Bangladeshi Bank, we promote and nurture art, culture and heritage of the country. Our passionate and consistent attachments make BRAC Bank synonymous with art and culture. Here are a few notable initiatives

  • Enriching Bangla literature: BRAC Bank-Samakal Shahitya Puroshkar
  • Instilling Nazrul works among the youth: The First Ever Nazrul Mela


BRAC Bank is a planet caring bank. Its 3P philosophy defines environmental connection of the bank. BRAC Bank promotes green banking and support green initiatives, through its social works and banking, to do something for the mother nature. BRAC Bank invests 10% of its CSR Budget in Climate Risk Mitigation & Adaptation Programs. Here are some of the initiatives:

  • Creating customer awareness and reiterating commitment to green banking
  • Tuning with Green Office guidelines
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Solarizing SME Unit Offices
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