Our derivatives desk helps corporate clients to hedge exchange and interest rate movements. The desk caters to the hedging needs of a large number of corporate accounts across numerous industries, including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, cement and construction materials, RMG and textiles, power, petroleum and lubricants, food, edible oil and telecoms, among others. The desk also offers advisory services helping to raise awareness about prevailing market conditions, enabling clients to take informed decisions with respect to their FX and interest rate exposures.

  • Our derivatives desk provides dynamic pricing of FX forwards, FX Swaps, flexi forwards, Interest Rate Swaps to clients as required.
  • Hedge exposures through Options (Call/Put/Zero Cost Collar)
  • Hedge interest rate risk through Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
  • Hedge exposure through Commodity Forwards and Options
  • Corporate Advisory Services
Recently our corporate desk conducted longest tenor Interest Rate Swap in the interbank market (IRS for USD 68.6 M for 10.3 years)

Future initiatives Include:

  • Currency options
  • Commodity options
  • Commodity futures

You can reach out to our Corporate Sales and Derivatives Desk at:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +88028801255-60

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